The Gospel of Mark, though the shortest of the four Gospels, masterfully and powerfully tells the story of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  Put succinctly, it’s: Mission Driven and Kingdom Advancing.  This action-packed Gospel first reveals and announces God’s gracious activity in Jesus, and then sounds a call to action for God’s people today.  Journey with us for a four part mini-series as we watch Jesus drive back powers of darkness, teach His disciples what it means to follow Him, and win victory through His triumph over death.

Weekends January 24-March 22
Join us on for our first mini-series The Kingdom of God during weekend worship as we dive into Mark 1 through Mark 8:21 asking the underlying question, “What is the Kingdom of God?”

Wednesdays in Lent February 18- March 25
We’ll kickoff mini-series two on Ash Wednesday and continue on Wednesday nights during Lent. We’ll be looking at attributes of Jesus pulled from the Gospel of Mark. The underlying question we will be asking is, “Who is Jesus?”

Weekends April 11-May 17
Following Easter our next mini-series will take us to the Gospel of Mark 8:22 though Mark 10 asking, “What does it mean to follow Jesus?”

Weekends May 30-June 28
We will wrap up our journey through The Gospel of Mark with Chapters 11-16 and the underlying question, “What does all of this mean?


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Mini-Series 4:The Purpose of God - Reading Plans


  • 5/31
  • 6/7
  • 6/14
  • 6/21
  • 6/28

5 Minute Plan

  • Mark 11
  • Mark 12
  • Mark 13
  • Mark 14
  • Mark 15-16

20 Minute Plan

  • Mark 11-16
  • Mark 11-16
  • Mark 11-16
  • Mark 11-16
  • Mark 11-16


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