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Announcements – April 23-April 29

Worship Love Can – Join us as we partner with over 30 other churches in our city for our 4-week series, Love Can. In this series, you’ll discover how love can define us, unbind us, break down walls and how love can do anything. Help us get the word out by stopping by the booth in the corridor to pickup your car window marker or by visiting the Love Can Experience at Westroads Mall near the upstairs entrance to Von Maur. Grow Peak Challenge – is an annual opportunity for men, their sons, fathers and brothers to get away from the everyday routines of life and experience all that God has for them in the wild setting of the Colorado Rockies.…

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Growth Group Weekly Bible Studies – 4.23.17

Love Can – 1st Sunday
Theme: Love Can Define Us – “They will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Warm-Up Questions: How is a dictionary designed to be used? Why is knowing the definition of something important?

Observation and Interpretation Questions: Read Ruth 1: 6-17 How did Naomi initially express love to her daughters-in-law (verses 6-9)? How did the two women reply to their mother-in-law (verse 10)? What does Naomi remind them of in her reply to them (verses 11-13)? What is different in the way the two women respond (verse 14)? What do you hear in Ruth’s declaration to Naomi (verses 15-17)?…

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Growth Group Weekly Bible Study – 4.16.17

    Easter Week   Theme: If Christ be not Raised? – “Then our preaching is futile and your faith is empty…you are still in your sins.”

Warm-Up Questions: When did you find out something you believed was not true? What is it about your favorite fairy tale character that is so special?

Observation and Interpretation Questions: Read I Corinthians 15:1-11 Why does Paul write to the Corinthians about the Gospel (verses 1-2)? What do you hear in how Paul presents the initial details about Jesus (verses 3-4)? How do the various post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus work together to validate
the claims of Jesus’ bodily return from the dead (verses 5-7)?…

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Announcements – April 16-April 22

Grow Welcome Home Event – Our Welcome Events are designed to help you meet others in our church and will help you find out more information about King of Kings and our ministries. Join us for food, fun and activities for kids and adults at our first event on April 23 from 10:30am-130pm! Discovering King of Kings – Membership is all about relationships. A big part of this is just meeting people and making friends. Join us Sunday, April 30 from 10:45-1pm to do just that! Meet Pastors and other families, and bring your family, too! We will enjoy lunch together, and the kids and teens will get connected in a special way.…

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Announcements – April 9 – April 15

Worship Passover Feast – Join us at 6pm on April 13 for the Maundy Thursday Passover Feast. This feast is a celebration of the Passover. We remember the story of God’s deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt. In the Passover we see the foreshadowing of God’s plan for the redemption of all mankind from sin through the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. There is no cost for the Feast but everyone, including children, must be registered so we have an accurate count for seating and food! Register by mail, in the corridor on Wednesday nights and Sundays or online at…

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Growth Group Weekly Bible Study – 4.9.17

Sixth Sunday in Lent Theme: God’s Will when we are not Willing – “”You are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.””

Warm-Up Questions: When did you have to do something/go somewhere you did not want? Why is so difficult, particularly for men, to follow the provided directions?

Observation and Interpretation Questions: Read I Exodus 3: 1- 16 Why did Moses initially turn aside to look at the bush (verses 1-3)? What do you hear in how God presented Himself to Moses (verses 4-6)? How do you think Moses felt listening to God tell what He was about to do (verses 7-9)?…

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