Growth Group Weekly Bible Study – 4.2.17

Fifth Sunday in Lent


Theme: God’s Will & My Response – “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.”

Warm-Up Questions:
Why do people spend so much on obedience training for their dogs? What is the biggest challenge you have with selective hearing?

Observation and Interpretation Questions:

Read I Samuel 3: 1- 18

  1. Why would young Samuel have had trouble distinguishing God’s voice (verses 1-7)?
  2. What do you hear in Eli’s third set of directions to Samuel (verses 8-9)?
  3. How do you think young Samuel spent the rest of the night (verses 10-14)?
  4. Why might Samuel have been afraid to answer Eli (verses 15-17)?
  5. How is Eli’s faith in God evident in his response to Samuel (verse 18)?

Read Luke 6:46-49

  1. What heart issue does Jesus identify in His question to the crowd (verse 46)?
  2. How did Jesus describe the first type of hearer (verses 47-48)?
  3. What was the basic difference between the two groups of hearers (verse 49)?

Read Romans 12:1-5

  1. How does Paul say we should get ready to do the will of God (verse 1)?
  2. How does one go about accomplishing this transformation (verse 2)?
  3. Why might what Paul talks about be a hindrance to the process (verse 3)?
  4. How does Paul describe how we should consider one another (verses 4-5)?

Read I John 2:15-17

  1. How does John say we should prepare our hearts to hear God (verse 15)?
  2. Why is so important that we do not put our trust in this world around us (verses 16-17)?


Application Questions:

  1. What would it take for you to submit your will to God’s will for your life?
  2. When might you share this exciting aspect of your faith with someone this week?

Father, help us to remember that the plans You have for us in Christ Jesus are good plans; they are for our good and not designed to bring us harm.

Talk and Pray

Talk with one another about how you can Join Jesus on His mission in your own lives this week, using the questions on the back.
Pray for one another about any personal concerns or praises you have.

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