Growth Groups Weekly Bible Study – 12.11.16


Advent #2 – Zacharias’ Song
Theme: – Zacharias’ Song – “And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Highest; for you will go before the face of the Lord to prepare His ways,”

 Warm-Up Questions: What was hardest for you when you lost your voice for a short time? Have you ever broken with tradition by something you   did?


Observation and Interpretation Questions:
Read Luke 1: 8-12

  1. What was it about the Gabriel’s visit to Zacharias that is similar to his visit to Mary?
  2. Why do you think Zacharias was so amazed by Gabriel’s appearance in the Temple?

Read Luke 1: 13-18

  1. How much do you think Zacharias understood of all that Gabriel said to him?
  2. What do you think may also have been some of his unspoken concerns?

Read Luke 1: 19-25

  1. What strikes you as most unusual in Gabriel’s response to Zacharias?
  2. What was most surprising to you in how Zacharias and Elizabeth responded?

 Read Luke 1: 57-64

  1. Why do you think the friends and neighbors were so happy for Elizabeth (verses 57-58)?
  2. How do you think Elizabeth felt when her name choice was questioned (verses 59-62)?
  3. What of all that happened to Zacharias would have amazed you most (verse 63-64)?

Read Luke 1: 67-79

  1. How might Zacharias’ words of prophecy been misinterpreted (verses 67-75)?
  2. What are some ways God confirmed Zacharias’ description of John (verses 76-77)?
  3. How did Jesus fulfill the prophetic words of Zacharias (verses 78-79)?

Application Questions:

  1. What practical step will you take to show God that you will trust Him this week?
  2. When might you share these foundational truths of your faith with someone this week?

Prayer: Father, help us to learn to trust you, even when you take us into unexpected places and ask us to trust you as Zacharias was called to do.

Talk and Pray
with one another about how you can Join Jesus on His mission in your own lives his week, using the questions on the back, and pray for one another about any personal concerns or praises you have.



A Growth Group is…

A group of friends growing around God’s word.

Three Objectives of Growth Groups

  • Develop Friendships. Growth groups give opportunities for life-long friendships to grow.
  • Hear God’s Word. Growth groups learn from the Bible and one another’s perspectives.
  • Live Missionally. Growth groups spur one another on to live missionally.

 Growth Group Agreement

  • Grow closer to God
  • Grow closer to one another
  • Protect confidentiality
  • Commit to attend
  • Pray

Every meeting should include:

  • A time expectation. Decide as a group how much time will be given to socializing, a warm-up question, bible study, prayer, and “living missionally” questions.
  • Living Missionally Wrap Up Questions. The book/class Joining Jesus on His Mission provide the context for these questions. These are meant to be empowering, not condemning!
  • Pray. Each group can decide how they spend their time praying for one another.

Living Missionally Wrap Up Questions

Each person should choose one question and share with the group. If you haven’t taken the class “Joining Jesus on his mission,” you may want to answer a question like “What are you praying about?” which can be answered easily without the context of the class.


  1. Seeking the Kingdom
    1. How have you seen God at work?
    2. How’s God been messing with you?
  2. Hearing from Jesus
    1. What’s God teaching you through His word?
    2. What’s God inviting you to believe?
  3. Talking with People
    1. Who’s Christ pursuing through you?
    2. What kind of conversations are you having with non-Christians?
    3. Who are you intentionally inviting into your life?
  4. Doing Good
    1. How is God asking you to love the people/world around you?
    2. What good can you do around here?
    3. What’s one act of love you can do along your way?
  5. Ministering through Prayer
    1. How can I pray for you?
    2. What are you asking God for these days?
    3. Who are you praying for/about?
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