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After a few months of preparing and planning, Nate Seadore and I are thrilled to co-lead and have Unlocked (faith-based group counseling) up and going! You see, Nate and I go way back, over a decade ago he was one of my interns!  Even then, he and I had a similar approach to counseling as a ministry. We view ourselves as people in need of more and more grace. A grace that can then overflow to others. Pair that with our belief that every person has something to offer others, the natural result is that we enjoy spending a big chunk of our time in a group setting. A setting that allows us to grow and learn with others. A setting that allows us to use our professional skills for the benefit of others.

Our next 10-week session of Unlocked begins April 5, 2016. Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm. We are accepting new members!

Our topic is Anxiety.  Anxiety is everything from stress and worry, that may even show up as medical issues, to full blown fear. A quick google search of the term nets a few thousand articles and even more stand-alone quotes on the topic. Quotes such as “stay calm and eat a cupcake,” “the more you pray the less you will panic,” or “to conquer anxiety, you must live in the moment.” The message is fairly consistent: anxiety can and should be overcome. But is this true? I would suggest it is not. In much the same way that we cannot completely rid our life of anger, anxiety is part of our broken and fallen world. It reminds us that we are not made for this world, but rather as believers we look forward toward Heaven. The problem with anxiety is that it may take on a life of it’s own so to speak or it begins to rob us of our life satisfaction and even a degree of happiness. In these cases, it  moves past a natural and normal occurrence. Through Unlocked group counseling, Nate and I position people and cultivate an experience in which the group members are in this together figuring out how to complete short-term goals, glean more personal insight, and set a course toward bigger and more far reaching goals. Goals that definitely move people beyond surviving to thriving, even in the face of anxiety.

The cost for this 10-week session is $400 or $40 per week or group. Yes, you read that correctly! We are blessed to offer a 2-hour weekly counseling group for only $40!  Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Nate Seadore  (402.677.4101) and Brenda Neyens (402.504.9018), licensed mental health practitioners, who have 30 years of combined experience will bring a fresh perspective of both genders to each group.

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