This Week’s Continued Bible Study-12.6.15

Spend Less

Warm-Up Question: What is an unusual gift you have received that you wanted to re-gift?

Main Point: Our hope is in God so we are less dependent on money or other things for security.

Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-13

Observation and Interpretation Questions:

  1. Read Isaiah 55:1. In your own words, describe what the invitation in this verse is saying.
  2. As you look at verse 2, what does it mean to you to “incline your ear” to God? What is the “rich food” that we delight ourselves in, in this sense? What does it mean to “delight ourselves” in this food? What is the result?
  3. What is the covenant spoken of in verses 3 and 4?
  4. Who is the nation that did not know God in verse 5?
  5. Read Isaiah 55:6-9. What critical truth is mentioned in verse 7 and how are the ways of God explained? What comfort or encouragement does this give you today?
  6. What do you think it means that God’s word does not return to Him empty (verses 10-11)? What is the purpose that God’s word was sent to mankind?
  7. What strikes you most about the comparison in verses 12-13?

Application Questions:

  1. Think about one God-given desire or need that you believe God is wanting to fulfill for you this week? (For example, the desire to be loved, the desire to be wanted, the desire to be important, the desire to be special and unique, the need to be safe, etc.) Share with your group if you would like to.
  2. Is there one verse in this passage that sticks out to you? How does this verse give you hope or encourage you to depend more on God and less on other things?

Group Prayer: Pray as a group about how we as a church can rely on God alone for provision of every need.

Prayer: Lord, You are my provider and my sustainer. Nothing happens in my life that goes unnoticed by You, and You care about all of it. I thank You for providing my every need, helping me to remember that this world will one day pass away. Help me to set my mind on You first, trusting that You will take care of me and my family this holiday season.



















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