This Week’s Continued Bible-11.29.15

Worship Fully

Warm-Up Question: Tell about a time when you felt close to God recently.

Main Point:  In worship we encounter God’s holiness and mercy, and we receive His grace by faith.

Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8  Rev. 4:6-10

Observation and Interpretation Questions:

  1. Read Isaiah 6:1-8. What do you notice about the seraphim? Who are they calling to?
  1. Notice what happened when they spoke. How do you think you would react to that?
  1. How did Isaiah react? Do you think he was reacting to the sound of their voices, the words they were saying, or something else? Note what he says at the end of verse 5.
  1. In verse 6, why a coal? Does it strike you that such a small, common, sometimes dirty object could be used for purification in this instance? Does this remind you of another way that God works to purify or redeem His creation?
  1. After his guilt had been atoned for, what is Isaiah’s immediate reaction to God’s call?
  1. Read Revelation 4:6-11. Why do you think the four living creatures are covered with eyes? Do you think this has anything to do with what they never stop saying, day and night?
  2. After saying, “Holy, holy, holy,” they say “who was and is and is to come.” Compare this with what the seraphim say in Isaiah after they are finished crying “Holy, holy, holy,” which is, “the whole earth is full of His glory.
  3. Notice the description of the living creatures’ worship in verse 9. How does this shape the characteristics of our worship?
  4. What description of God is repeated in verses 9 and 10? What is the parallel between that and the fact that the living creatures never stop worshipping?
  5. Why is the Lord worthy of receiving glory, honor, and power, according to verse 11? What does it mean for God to receive glory, honor, and power?

Application Questions:

  1. What about Isaiah’s response to the Seraphim and the elder’s response to the 4 living creatures is inspiring to you?
  1. Are you struck by God’s power in worship or as you read these passages? Have you ever felt unholy as Isaiah did? If the voices of the Seraphim in Isaiah could shake the temple, what do you think the voice of God could do?
  1. Are you struck by God’s mercy or goodness in worship or in these passages? If He is able to create all things, including a perfectly peaceful, glass-like sea in front of His throne in heaven, what do you think he is able to do in your life?

Group Prayer: Pray that God would show us how to worship fully, teaching us how to draw near to and experience Him, giving Him glory, honor, and power.

Prayer: Lord, we see that You are holy, holy, holy, and yet so merciful. We are in awe of the beautiful thing You create in our world and in our lives. Bless us with faith to receive the endless grace that comes from Your heart, through Your son, Jesus, and open our eyes to see Your power in our lives. Amen.







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