Advent Conspiracy Ideas

Our Advent Conspiracy is to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all. Below are suggestions from our people of simple ideas that help us spend less and even give more during this season to prepare for the coming of Christ. Maybe there’s some ideas that would help your preparation as well!

1. Organize a prayer walk in your neighborhood.

2. Make dinner for your parents once a month at your house.

3. Deliver books to library patrons who are homebound.

4. Make/Bake personal gifts for teachers.

5. Take pictures for families.

6. Write your sponsored child and have the kids draw a picture for them.

7. Support a kid at Liberty School.

8. Participate in the Abide trip in December.

9. Write love/gratitude notes to family.

10. Volunteer with Open Door Mission.

11. Pray for strength and encouragement to help our own families in need. And pray for all others in great need of God’s blessings.

12. Invite friends over for an evening of fun and food to show what they mean to you.

13. Give a special gift of remembrance to a friend who lost her man this year.

14. Watch a neighbor boy before school on bad weather day so mom wouldn’t have to drive him clear across town and back to work then got him to school.

15. 7 year old son stuck up for a kid who was picked on.

16. 4 year old daughter comforted another girl who was crying.

17. Husband went out of his way at his job to make sure someone got their car working who couldn’t pay for it.

18. Watch my nieces and nephews so their parents can have a night to enjoy.

19. Help my mother-in-law clean her house for the holidays so she can enjoy herself more.

20. After my mom died, I have never said “I wish my mom was here for Christmas to ‘buy’ me this_____ for Christmas.” I just miss spending time with her. The gift of “time” is the best!

21. Be peaceful.

22. Write your story, take pictures, share it.

23. Bake extra cookies for busy mom for her to have for her family at Christmas.

24. Shovel neighbor’s driveway for no charge. Give, Give, Give!

25. Shovel/snow blow both neighbor’s front walks. Both are new neighbors.

26. Adopt a student from OPS for Christmas.

27. Provide coats, scarfs, gloves, etc. to schools.

28. Provide food to Patty’s Pantry.

29. Do more as a family.

30. Spend less, but more differently.

31. To be more to friends.

32. Prepare a bag that contains warm gloves, McDonalds card, water bottle, to give to someone in need.

33. Bell ring for Salvation Army.

34. Have an old towel and blanket drive for Nebraska Humane Society.

35. Make blankets for children in the hospital.

36. Hold a toy drive for Angel Tree.

37. Give hug and say “I love you” in sign language with your beautiful smile!

38. Commit to volunteer to Open Door Mission, 2 hours each month.

39. Write handwritten note in Christmas card to your friend or someone special and tell them what you love about them.

40. Offer to baby sit for busy mom/dad so they can have dinner out and go Christmas shopping.

41. Be joyful for family.

42. Send card to person home from the hospital.

43. Smile

44. Serving a Christmas meal to 70 disabled and blind.

45. Find a soup kitchen or similar ministry to serve at on Christmas day.

46. Orphan Grain Train – warm boots or school shoes for about $40/pair for orphans in Old Russian satellite countries.

47. Smile and greet everyone you see!

48. Visiting a shut-in for 1 hour every week.

49. Babysit for my great-grandson so parents have a free night.

50. Abide Target gift cards.

51. Toys to Open Door Mission.

52. Diaper Drive-94.1 radio station, HyVee

53. Already sponsor a child in India, give to their Christmas pantry or give extra for Christmas gift.

54. Double a recipe and give it to a neighbor.

55. Take your neighbors garbage cans up to their garage doors, even if you know they are home or can do it.

56. Take an extra shift of your carpool and give another mom a break.

57. Buy a gift from the Lutheran World Relief Gift Catalog (Chickens, goat, cow, water filters).

58. Give an anonymous gift card to someone at work in need.

59. Did an operation Christmas box and brought enough food to Open Door Mission for 4 families.

60. Bringing son’s friend to church next weekend as it’s been weighing on his heart.

61. Pay outstanding bill for someone in need, secretly.

62. Make a meal for a family with Mom having Chemo.

63. I want to give turkey to one family, who hasn’t eaten turkey on Thanksgiving.

64. Homemade Christmas cards for nursing home.

65. Give to Voice of Martyrs Persecuted Christians.

66. Ring bells for the Salvation Army.

67. Volunteer to clean or rake yard anywhere anyone will accept, be a helper, give/care.

68. Deliver homemade cookies to your neighbors.

69. Christmas carol with Abide.

70. Coupon book of “time” for friends and family.

71. Homemade gifts.

72. Time to talk with a close friend.

73. Sign “I love you.”

74. Hug someone.

75. Boystown Boys-letters of encouragement for 7 boys our daughter and son-in-law are family teachers for.

76. A compliment each day to someone who has upset me throughout the year.

77. Give kids a soccer ball.

78. Adopt a family at Christmas.

79. Be intentional about spending time with my older neighbor who lives alone and is lonely.

80. Bring a friend to church.

81. Take a friend, who is grieving loss, out to lunch or outing.

82. Remember someone who is alone at the holidays.

83. Give a gift to a child who may not get much this season.

84. Smile at and thank the cashiers at the stores where I am shopping.

85. Donate part of the money of my son’s gift at his request to Heifer International.

86. Go with my elderly parents to see a program at their retirement community.

87. Commit to pray for my co-workers as to their deepest needs, to intercede for them in prayer.

88. Take a meal to someone.

89. Visit the elderly.

90. Take goodies to your neighbors.

91. Family board game night.

92. Help at the City Mission, serve a meal.

93. Volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity.

94. Give a gift card to a homeless person.

95. Invite someone to church.

96. Underwear, socks, gloves, to someone in need.

97. Invitation to Sondra and kids to dinner once a month.

98. Decorating the tables for a dinner.

99. Serving the disabled and blind.

100. Send a “finals survival box” to someone in college-with cocoa boxes, popcorn, a funny cartoon-whatever would be fun to receive before college finals!

101. Send a “real” letter of blessing to someone who really needs some loving words this time of year!

102. Text a Bible verse each morning to family and friends to bless and teach.

103. Spend time with those you love.

104. Visit the elderly.

105. Treat someone nice-even when they are not nice.

106. Share a meal with a neighbor.

107. Give everyone you come in contact with a sincere smile, a Merry Christmas, and perhaps a candy cane, etc., chapstick, a Christmas card.

108. Put money in Christmas card and pray for person (recommend $25+)

King of Kings Omaha