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Advent Conspiracy Ideas

Our Advent Conspiracy is to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all. Below are suggestions from our people of simple ideas that help us spend less and even give more during this season to prepare for the coming of Christ. Maybe there’s some ideas that would help your preparation as well! 1. Organize a prayer walk in your neighborhood. 2. Make dinner for your parents once a month at your house. 3. Deliver books to library patrons who are homebound. 4. Make/Bake personal gifts for teachers. 5. Take pictures for families. 6. Write your sponsored child and have the kids draw a picture for them.…

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This Week’s Continued Bible-11.29.15

Worship Fully Warm-Up Question: Tell about a time when you felt close to God recently. Main Point:  In worship we encounter God’s holiness and mercy, and we receive His grace by faith. Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8  Rev. 4:6-10 Observation and Interpretation Questions: Read Isaiah 6:1-8. What do you notice about the seraphim? Who are they calling to? Notice what happened when they spoke. How do you think you would react to that? How did Isaiah react? Do you think he was reacting to the sound of their voices, the words they were saying, or something else? Note what he says at the end of verse 5.…

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This Week’s Continued Bible Study-12.6.15

Spend Less Warm-Up Question: What is an unusual gift you have received that you wanted to re-gift? Main Point: Our hope is in God so we are less dependent on money or other things for security. Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-13 Observation and Interpretation Questions: Read Isaiah 55:1. In your own words, describe what the invitation in this verse is saying. As you look at verse 2, what does it mean to you to “incline your ear” to God? What is the “rich food” that we delight ourselves in, in this sense? What does it mean to “delight ourselves” in this food? What is the result?…

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