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Guest Blogger: Pastor Dan- More Than a Map


 Put a white pin near where you live and a red pin for someone who needs Jesus.

On the surface, it’s a map of Omaha. You can find Dodge, and 80 and 680. You can locate where the zoo is and where King of Kings is. It’ll show you where you can find a park or a bike trail.

But it’s much more significant than any of that. It’s actually a revelation. Not like the book with crowns and dragons and weird heavenly beings that our minds can’t comprehend. But this map is a revelation. You see, it shows us (reveals to us) where Jesus in on His mission.

In case you haven’t heard, God Himself is on a mission to redeem and restore all humanity and all creation through the death and resurrection of Jesus. And He invites us to seek, recognize, and respond to what he’s up to. A significant part of seeking, recognizing, and responding is knowing what to look for.

In order to know what to look for, you have to know a bit about what God is all about. God is about giving grace. He’s all about offering love. His heart is to mend relationships. His will is to give peace.

Do you know anybody who needs grace? Does anyone in your neighborhood need to be loved? Do you have a coworker whose relationships need reconciliation? Is there someone at the gym that could use some real peace in their life?

Those are the very things God wants to give! And he sends you and me to give it.

Sometimes he sends us to Africa; they need Jesus over there. Sometimes he sends us to Minnesota; they need Jesus up there. And sometimes he sends us to the park next to your house because they need Jesus there, too.

As I held out white and red pins with the words, “Put a white pin near where you live and a red pin for someone who needs Jesus,” I was struck by a couple things.

First Observation: nobody hesitated. (Actually, people hesitated a bit, but it was more with the white pin than the red pin.) People didn’t have to hesitate to think of someone who needed Jesus. Maybe it’s a Christian going through a tough time. Maybe it’s someone who’s never believed in Jesus. Maybe it’s a couple going through a divorce. Red pins were placed all over Omaha with almost no hesitation.

Second Observation: they often went together. Somewhat jokingly, quite a number of people said to me, “What if the pins go at the same place?” To which I responded, “You might be surprised at how many of those are up on the map. We need Jesus too. Every one of us. And every one of our families. How wonderfully freeing when we don’t have to pretend like we’ve got it all together just because we’re Christians.

Third Observation: we are sent. Just as you can find red pins (representing people who need Jesus) all over the map, so also you can find white pins. God not only gathers us for worship, but he sends us to be His witnesses. He sends us to bring Jesus to people who need Jesus. My favorite moment happened several times. Somebody would place a white pin near where they lived and say, “Look, there’s a red one on my street. I could pray for them.”

There it is. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what Jesus is up to. Identifying where you are and recognizing where Jesus is on His mission. We can’t save anybody. Only Jesus can do that. But He calls us to seek, recognize, and respond to what He’s up to. And He invites us to participate in His mission.

Putting two pins on a map is easy. Being an everyday-missionary is the same. Where are you? Where is Jesus needed? Now what?

To answer that last question, or if any of this excites you, interests you, and you’d like to hear more about how it is that we can see, recognize, and respond to what God is up to, then I want to invite you to Joining Jesus on His Mission. It starts Wednesday, September 9 from 6-8PM.

Meal. Discussion. Teaching. Practical. Doable. Gospel-Centered. Kingdom Advancing.

For details, go here: http://kingofkingsomaha.org/event/joining-jesus-mission-2/
To register, go here: http://kingofkingsomaha.org/register
Send any questions here: larar@kingofkingsomaha.org

May He who has sent you both equip and encourage you!

Your fellow-servant,

Pastor Dan

King of Kings Omaha