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Student Edge in Guatemala! UPDATE: “God is doing more than we could ever ask for!”


If you’ve been following the blog from our Student Edge team in Guatemala, you’d know that God is doing amazing things there through our mission team.

Here is an excerpt of their blog post from June 8th written by Ashley Aamot:

“Once we got to Calderas, we split into two groups (each with a translator and either Pastor Rafael or his wife) and went into the community and visited people in need. The photo (above) is of a woman named Wendy (just like one of our leaders! Coincidence, I think not) who fractured her foot. We asked her if she had anything else she would like us to pray for and she said that she was struggling to breathe and her lungs hurt. We gathered around and prayed for her and then asked how her lungs felt. A surprised and excited look crossed her face as she explained that they felt better. As she inhaled another deep breath she looked over at us in awe and amazement and said “Bastante!” or “A lot!” God is doing miracles. Needless to say, it was extremely moving and powerful. Praise God, our Healer. There are so many other stories that could be told, as each home and each person met carried a different story and moving encounter.”

What an incredible testimony! The team was able to bless 26 families with food and household supplies. In addition to material food and supplies, the mission team offered prayers for the families. It was described as “powerful” experience.


The team is also ministering to the children in the area as they play games with and pray with the children.






Please keep the Student Edge team in your prayers as they continue to minister to the Nation of Guatemala.

Although their time in Guatemala is coming close to an end, you can read more fully about their experience on their blog.


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