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Introducing Our New Counseling Intern Linda!

Care Ministries is proud to introduce, Linda Degner, as our newest counseling intern! To make an appointment to meet with Linda, please contact Brenda Neyens, LPC at brendan@kingofkingsomaha.org or 402-504-9018. And as always, there is not a cost to see one of our gifted counseling interns! Currently, we have Linda and Colby.

A bit about Linda:

P1170179I was born and raised in western New York.  Most people immediately think New York City, but it couldn’t have been farther from that.  Just minutes from Lake Ontario, and less than 2 hours to Niagara Falls I built snow forts in the winter and played on the beach in the summer.  After college and several years of trying to decide which direction I should go I moved to Florida and discovered a whole new world.  I lived in the panhandle of Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico, where the sand is white as snow and the water is the most beautiful shades of blue and green.  I found myself at the front door of a Marine Park and decided I would take a risk, give it my all, and apply for a job.  My goal……dolphin trainer!  I had to earn my way, but in a few shorts months I was elbow deep in fish, spending countless hours in the sun, rain, wind, and salt water.  I was living what many people would consider a dream come true!  I was a Marine Mammal Trainer, blessed by dolphins, sea lions, penguins, otters, and sea turtles!

After Florida I moved to Phoenix, Arizona to be close to some of my family, and I quickly discovered that the dry heat that seems so harmless is incredibly hot!  While in AZ I discovered what I was seeking back in my post-college days in NY and I began to pursue a master’s degree.  Having earned a master’s in psychology I realized that was not enough as my calling was to reach people who have been wounded by life and the brokenness of this world.  I continued my education in pursuit of a Master’s in Christian Counseling through a joint program with Ottawa University and Phoenix Seminary.

While in AZ I met the man who would become my life and ministry partner and we were married in February 2014.  During that same month we moved to Nebraska to pursue God’s call for us and our lives together.  My passion is helping the wounded and broken, particularly those who have been scarred by abortion.

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