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Guest Blogger: Mr. B- JUMPFest 2015


Last month, we hosted JUMPFest for 5th & 6th graders. Going into the night we had 17 total kids registered, and there was a bit of concern. We ended up with 92 kids, 51 of them being guests. That’s 51 kids who were invited to have a rocking time and most importantly, hear about Jesus. That’s 51 kids who may better receive an invitation in the future! We had nearly 20 volunteers, one of which was Mike White who was able to have some fun with kids who will be in his area starting this week.

A special thanks to Matt Albright for his leadership and planning of this event. Also, thanks to Tari Asche, Mike White, and all the volunteers for their participation and enthusiasm.


King of Kings Omaha