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Guest Blogger: Lara Ray- Love in the Neighborhood

LOVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD 2 On Valentine’s Day, King of Kings, in partnership with BRIDGE CHURCH and ABIDE, took to the streets to show a little love to the neighbors who live around the 25th & Fort street area.  Even in the frigid temps faithful volunteers walked the neighborhoods going door to door, handing out care packages, praying with, encouraging and talking with the neighbors.  Many lives were blessed by the personal touch and smiles of familiar neighbors and complete strangers. 
Here are a few stories from our friends, Jerome & Brittani who live in the ABIDE Lighthouse in the 25th & Fort Street Neighborhood:
We were able to meet a new family with five kids that had just moved in a couple of months ago on N 25 Ave. The dad and kids were happy to meet us and were very thankful for the cookies and valentine day card greetings.
Another one of our neighbors that we have a great relationship with was moved to tears after receiving her love package for her and her young grandson. She has and still is going through many health ailments and was telling us about them. As I was moved to start praying for her, she in turn started praying for us! Giving thanks to God for us and all the blessings and encouragement she has received throughout the time we’ve known her. It was truly an honor and a blessing. Her older son and daughter were also there and thanked us as well before we left.
Later that afternoon, while grocery shopping, we ran into a family from our neighborhood that wasn’t home when we had knocked, but received their love package on their porch. The boys and their mom loved it and were very thankful. You could tell they really felt loved.
LOVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOODLives are truly touched by these personal visits in the neighborhoods.  THANK YOU to the faithful bakers and Confirmation students who baked and decorated Valentine’s Day cookies.  They were beautiful.  THANK YOU to the Confirmation student who designed the tags for the gift bags!  ADORABLE!  THANK YOU to the volunteer who packaged the cookies into gorgeous care packages to be delivered to the neighbors!   THANK YOU for the family that made ‘robot valentines’ for the kids in the neighborhood out of applesauce packets, juice boxes and raisins boxes!  What a nice touch!  And THANK YOU for the volunteers who walked door to door delivering these gifts, smiling at, praying for and visiting with neighbors!  King of Kings family….you are amazing! 
King of Kings Omaha