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Welcome New Counseling Intern Colby Bradfield


King of Kings would like to welcome our newest counseling intern, Colby Bradfield! When asked to share a bit about why he is such an awesome addition to our counseling team, Colby shared the following:  

Why I am awesome! There are many reasons I could call myself awesome, and if I do so  I am going to come across as someone with a hyper inflated ego. So instead, I’ll share why I am so varied.  I grew up in a small farming community in South Western Iowa. I played every sport I was able to, even if I didn’t fit the normal view of that kind of athlete. I was also in the National Honor Society, class vice president, fire department explorer assistant chief, Eagle Scout, and ran my own small lawn mowing business. Once out of High School I began my undergraduate career at Creighton University in the nursing program.

Eventually I found my way in the psychology department, where I earned my Bachelors of Art in Psychology. After graduation I found employment as a lab technician doing auditory research. I also managed to find work at a DJ company, dance company, fast food restaurant, and doing promotional work. When not doing those things I always had my hobbies of motorcycles, carpentry, car audio, letting my daughter paint my nails, and cooking.

My latest endeavor has been to get my Master’s in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University, so that I can find ways to help those who need personal help with relationship issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and general counseling. My desired area of impact is to help the members of the military who have come back from deployment and have had trouble readjusting.

As a reminder, there is not a cost attached to meeting with our counseling interns. Please contact either Brenda Neyens at brendan@kingofkingsomaha.org  or 402.504.9018 or Stacy Hall at 402.504.9039 to make an initial appointment with Colby.

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