Next Steps in 2015


This weekend Pastor Mark wrapped up his State of the Church message by sharing several dozens of possible Next Steps that you might hear God telling you to pursue this year on your spiritual journey. Perhaps one of these will resonate with you, maybe even more than one. He said when that happens to write it down and go from there. He categorized them all in our Worship-Grow-Serve-Go discipleship strategy starting with Worship.

Next Steps in Worship—connecting with God in worship and prayer.

Go online and Google Daily Bible Reading Plan and get started. Listen to Christian music on the way to work instead of ESPN or talk show radio. Commit myself to corporate worship every week. Get a prayer partner. Start an email group with friends publishing one Bible verse every day. Get Pastor Mark’s all-time favorite Bible reading guide, Oswald Chambers My Utmost Devotional Bible. Attend a prayer gathering or other learning experiences offered at church. Decide to not stay out late on Saturday nights so that I won’t be tempted to sleep in on Sunday mornings.

Next Steps in Grow—connecting with others around God’s Word.

Increase the number of times we have family devotions. Start family devotions. Pray about starting family devotions. Start a Bible memorizing routine. Get a Bible. Learn the books of the Bible. Get CD’s of the Bible and listen to on the way to work instead of ESPN or talk radio or Christian music. Call the church and tell them you want to get in a growth group. Start a growth group. Start a lunch time Bible Study at work.

Next Steps in Serve—connecting with others to serve them by using my gifts.

Challenge myself to find one person per week to do a random act of kindness for. Get involved in Kids Kount or Student Edge ministry. Look for ways to pay it forward. Check out all of the Inside-Out Ministries at KOK and get involved. Help an elderly person at the grocery store. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway. Give up fast food for a month and take the money you save and buy gift cards to randomly give to people at Walmart. Help a foreign person at the airport who clearly looks lost.

Next Steps in Go—connecting with the world to bring people to know, love, and follow Jesus.

Remember that going to get a gallon of milk at the grocery store is a short-term mission trip. Going to the gym to workout is a short-term mission trip. Making a deposit at the bank is a short-term mission trip. Sitting at the beauty parlor getting your hair cut is a short-term mission trip. Attend Pastor Dan’s class, “Joining Jesus on His Mission,” on Wednesday nights. Invite your neighbors in for chili—take chili to your neighbors. Meet your neighbors. Memorize the names of your neighbors so you can meet them. Consider joining a short-term mission team from KOK.

He reminded us that some in this list are possible next steps that could be accomplished in a day or a week, but some of us are going to experience hearing God saying to us that our next step will take more time. We might also hear God talking to us about other important matters such as “My next step is making the commitment to re-building my marriage.” “My next step is admitting that I have an addiction and I am going to get help.”

He then asked us to take a minute in quiet reflection and ask, “What is God saying to you about your Next Step in your spiritual journey?” Pray and ask what He is saying to you.

Sometimes the first Next Steps are just pausing to be still and listen.

Take steps to start this new adventure into 2015.

We’d love to hear how your Next Steps are going throughout the year. Let us know by sending a message to Danelle at You can also share on Twitter and Facebook by using #mynextstep2015!

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