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Success and Smiles This Year for ABIDE

What a wonderful season it is! Here’s another awesome update about what our King of King’s family is doing to help those around us this Christmas.

Kellie Tagge and Lara Ray delivered gifts and gift cards to ABIDE on Dec. 12, 2014. In total, $4,165 in gift cards alone was given to ABIDE to shop at Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee and Target. That amount doesn’t even include the seven gift cards donated with unknown amounts! Those gift cards will be used to help families during this Christmas time and throughout the year. This generous donation helps those families by empowering them to purchase gifts and necessities for their families as they need.

Along with the gift cards, seven children’s bikes were donated along with several scooters as well. An office full of other gifts such as toys, hats and gloves were donated over a three-week period by the King of Kings family. All of the donations go towards helping families in ABIDE/Bridge Church, who attend ABIDE church and those living in neighborhoods adopted by the Lighthouses.

Below are a few pictures of the gifts that will bring a smile to a child this Christmas. God Bless!


IMG_6274 IMG_6275

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