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Advent Conspiracy Testimonies

From a member of our congregation- On December 6th I was driving on the interstate when I noticed that my car tire was going flat. I pulled off into a tire place where they told me that I needed a new set of tires as I was driving on the second layer of thread. There was no way financially that I could purchase new tires this close to Christmas, so they patched up the bad tire and I said a prayer as I drove off. 18 hours later I am at church and Pastor Mark encouraged us to write down what a need we have. Without much thinking I wrote down my need for tires. A week later, my phone rang and a nice gentleman introduced himself and said that he and his wife would love to purchase new tires for me. I was overwhelmed with emotions and just cried and cried. This morning I am getting ready to go to the tire place to meet E and M. My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you King of Kings, thank you Jesus!

Another testimony- Last Sunday after the 8:00 service, a man walked in the doors down here by reception. He walked up to the desk and said, “I wrote a check during worship for the Love Offering, but when I got home, I realized I could do more.” He handed me a check and walked away.

The check was for $500.

Not only was it “more,” but he acted on the prompting and turned around and drove all the way back to church after arriving home, in order to add to the blessings.

Another amazing story- One of our congregants and her husband have a car to give away, so they took one of the “need a car” ornaments. She called the recipient and the gal was blown away that someone reached out to her. Her situation? After perpetual surgeries, she has been in a leg cast for the last three years and due to her physical limitations, she is unable to do work standing up. She currently lives with her dad and can only use his car once per week: on Sundays to get to church. Other than that, she’s stuck at home all day, every day. Now that she’s connected with a car, she’ll have the opportunity to apply for a job that can accommodate  her situation. And the woman from our congregation is excited at the discipleship connection that may arise as a result.


King of Kings Omaha