Mission to Israel

Eight members of the King of Kings Church are embarking on a mission to the Holy Land, landing in Tel Aviv in Israel Nov. 5, 2014. Rich and Diane Maaske, Amy Brummond, Mary Dolinsky, Don and Karen Reynolds, Bob Moore, Linda Burkle and Pastor Jon and Sue Trinklein are in Israel to bring about God’s word and will. The Israel Team Mission wrote via email, “As you know, satan hates God and His chosen people and has been trying to wipe the Jewish people and nation from existence since God called Abraham to go to a land he did not know and promised to make him into a mighty nation.

The land of Israel is very close to the heart of every believer because of what took place there in the past, the references in scripture and the significance of this place for future biblical events.

Let’s come before the Lord on behalf of this team, Israel and the believer’s in Christ there who desperately need encouragement and fellowship with other Christians.

The team sent an update on Nov. 5, 2014 saying that they are currently in northern Israel, nowhere near Jerusalem. Yesterday there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, but the team wasn’t anywhere near the attack. The team started their work as soon as they landed in Israel, though are still adjusting to the time change.

Please pray for the safety and health of the team and all those living in God’s Holy Land.

Prayer Update Nov. 7:

Dear Intercessors,

Many blessings to you today.  The following prayers are covering the mission team for Friday, November 7th.

Let’s pray:

Lord, we thank you for all that you are doing in this mission trip.  We thank you for this opportunity to partner with You in this mission.

Lord, we ask that the team be adapting well to the time change, the climate change and the dietary changes.  Please protect them from ingesting anything that may cause them distress or harm.  Provide strength and healing where they may be needed.  Give them deep sleep that restores them in the Name of Jesus.

Lord, we ask that the team would be feeling a deeper connection to You.  That they are sensing Your presence in a new way and experiencing a deeper intimacy with You.  We ask that all the cares of home, work, business, etc. would be removed from their mind and that they would be free to enjoy the rich blessing of being in Israel.

Lord, we ask that the families of those on the trip would be safe and secure back home.  We ask for health for their families and for protection from any harm.  Keep them secure while their family member is away.

Lord, we ask for continued unity for the team.  We ask that no offense would take root and that kind and loving words would be spoken to one another and those they meet. We ask for a brotherly affection for one another in the Name of Jesus.  We ask that there would be consideration and an extension of grace to one another in the Name of Jesus especially those rooming together who do not even know one another.

We ask that the team would be filled and lead by the Holy Spirit during their compassion ministry times.  Give them clarity, boldness, courage as well as the timing and the right words to speak.  Use them to bring healing to the body, mind, emotions and spirit in the Name of Jesus.  We ask that You would equip and empower them to minister in a way that they never expected in the Name of Jesus.

We continue to ask for physical protection as the team travels by bus, foot, etc.  Keep them under the shadow of Your wings and we thank you that You never slumber and are ever watchful.

We bless Your Name Lord and thank you for your faithfulness and for each and every “surprise” that You have in store for this mission team.  We ask all of these things in the Name of Jesus.

Many blessing to each of you and your families.

Marcy Gerardi

Shepherd’s Gate Prayer Coordinator &

Mission Prayer Leader


Update Nov. 11

Robert Moore said that yesterday was a busy one for the team. Yesterday we visited Bet Shean, the excavation of an ancient Roman City, then into Jerusalem. Today we visited the Mount of Olives, then down to the Garden of Gethsemane. We then went to serve at Jacob’s Storehouse, a distribution warehouse serving the needy in Jerusalem. We ended the evening with a visit to the largest hospital in Israel to pray for soldiers recovering from war inflicted wounds received while defending Israel. 


Update Nov. 14

Linda Burkle had this update for us today:

Awesome ministry and team unity and joy on this trip. Today we were at En Gedi and Masada. I took a plunge into the falls were David sought refuge from King Saul and walked down the mountain in record time, shopping was my motivation. I ended up only buying a Diet Sprite!

The team met Chris Mitchell a couple days ago. Mitchell is an author and correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network and gave everyone an eye-opening view of some of the current affairs affecting Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Iran.

This post will be updated continually as more emails come from the Israel team.

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