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Guest Blogger: Geri Knight – Are We Serving Like Jesus?

Are We Serving Like Jesus?

By: Geri Knight

This year I had the opportunity to participate as a parent in our Towel & Basin Faith Legacy Step; a class for parents of 6 year olds. My son is in first grade right now and we are always talking about giving instead of getting. It seems like this is a constant “problem” in society; everything is mine!

The reality is that everything is not mine. Everything belongs to the Lord! He gives it all to us for reasons we will never know. That is just a small piece of what parents can learn and then teach their kids after attending our Towel & Basin classes at King of Kings.

The biggest take away for my six year old was when we were doing one of the family devotions using his, very own, towel and basin set. We discussed that in Jesus’ day people would walk on the streets with no shoes and would be stepping in some extremely disgusting stuff (think about the modes of travel). Cody was disgusted to say the least. I was able to share with him that Jesus was willing to kneel before His disciples to wash their feet at the dinner table. If Jesus would take on that task then what should we say no to when He is calling us to serve? Nothing! We should say no to nothing.

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