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Olympus – Confirmation Student Retreat

If you saw a bunch of students walking around the streets talking to strangers about their lives and asking if they could pray for them a couple weekends ago around Oct. 18, chances are you ran into the Olympus Confirmation Student Retreat.

Confirmation students are required to attend a retreat, once during their first year and once during their second year. Second year Confirmation students attended Olympus, a retreat designed around several community ministries to bring students closer to God while helping the community.

The students packed overnight bags and their walking shoes in preparation. They traveled to and from four different venues over the weekend, starting at the King of Kings Church, to North Omaha and back to the church at the end of the retreat.

They attended three Ministries during the retreat. The first one, called Beautiful Gate, was focused around helping the homeless in the area by serving hot chocolate and popcorn to those who wanted it. The group took several prayer walks in the area, stopping to chat with pedestrians and asking if they could pray for them. Mike White, Associate Director of Student Edge, said that the weekend was a lot of fun for everyone. “It was great helping those in need and learning more about God.”

Student Carson Santee said, “Olympus is a retreat that is fun and in most cases, life changing. You will help needy people, love the unlovable, spend time with God, and possibly point others to God.”

At the second mission, Open Door Mission, they focused on making food boxes for families in need. The students lined up in an assembly line fashion down a row of tables and put together boxes full of food items.

The weekend came to a close with the final mission being a neighborhood ministry. The students gathered at Vicar Adam Woldt’s house and made cookie bags for all of the neighbors. In each bag a student wrote a note. Notes ranged from “Praying for a happy and healthy year for you!” to “God loves you!”

MJ Ingram said that she really enjoyed the retreat overall. “My favorite activity during Olympus would probably be serving at the open door mission. I loved the assembly line we had going and we got things done very quickly. I also liked eating lunch there. Not because of the food, but because of the kind people I met. Tessa, Josh, and I went and sat with this one dude and he was pretty cool. Among all other things, he had some great advice. He said, ‘Don’t let society steal your dreams.’ That was a pretty powerful statement for me and I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

The next retreat for Confirmation students will be in a few weeks on Nov. 21-22.

King of Kings Omaha