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The King of Kings Foundation

Did you know you can help spread the word of Christ through the King of Kings Foundation? Innovative and inspiring followers of Jesus want to spread His word of love around the world. King of Kings Church was built on the desire to bring others to know Christ intimately. We need your help to ensure that future generations can continue this mission.

You can help by following any of these three steps:

1. Giving to the King of Kings Foundation. They can accepts the following types of gifts:

– Cash

– Online giving

– Life insurance

– Gifts from estates, trusts, etc.

– Personal property

– Stocks, bonds mutual funds and other securities

– Real estate

– IRAs

2. Funding ministries. All gifts received will be used to further grow the ministry and mission here at King of Kings. Ministries included are:

-Global missions

-Local community outreach

-Children’s ministries

-Youth projects and services

– Capital improvement campaigns and facility improvement projects

3. To get started, schedule a consultation with a King of Kings Foundation Representative. They would be happy to answer any questions regarding The Foundation and how you can get involved in the King of Kings’ next big steps.

To contact King of Kings Foundation for more information email us at foundation@kingofkingsomaha.org or call at 402.333.6464.

King of Kings Omaha