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New Hire – Jaime Melton: Creative Intern


Josh and I


My name is Jaime. I am a senior journalism major at UNO with my concentration being news-editorial journalism. This is my 2nd year at UNO though. I started off at UNL as a journalism student but moved to Omaha last year when my boyfriend got accepted into the UNMC pharmacy program. I will graduate in May if there are no roadblocks, but my boyfriend, Josh, has another 2-4 years.

I am not originally from Omaha; I’m not even from this end of the state. I grew up on a cattle ranch an hour south of North Platte, Nebraska. Though no longer a major working cattle ranch, my family still owns the land and several horses. There is a creek that runs right through the middle of the property, which starts from a natural spring also located on the property. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Growing up we had over 500 head of cattle and a herd of 30 Quarter Horses. We even owned the son of a racehorse at one point named Bar Heels. Because of growing up in the country, I still feel like I’m adjusting to city life. I hate traffic like any normal person, but I love the luxury of having the grocery store only a couple blocks away and only driving 10 minutes to get to school instead of 20 miles every day. Speaking of, I graduated with a class of 11 people. You don’t see a class like that in Omaha!

I am a huuuge Husker fan. My boyfriend and I will probably be in Lincoln for every home game this fall. It sticks with you especially after being a student there for two years. In my free time (what little time that is this year, ha) I enjoy playing video games believe it or not. My boyfriend got me into it a few years ago. Now we both have computers we built ourselves decked out in all of the cool gaming accessories.

I really wasn’t interested in the church until high school. I struggled with my relationship with God for several reasons, and it wasn’t until my sophomore year when a good friend of mine practically dragged me kicking and screaming to Denver to attend Acquire the Fire with her youth group did I realize what I was missing in my life. God blessed me with the chance to go to college and to get into the University that I dreamed of attending. Granted I’ve changed schools since then, but I’m still at a university! I will be the first person in my immediate family to graduate with a degree.

Also my favorite color is red, I am a sports and video game fanatic, and if I am ever presented with a Wild Cherry Pepsi we will be best friends.

I look forward to working with everyone and I am very excited to be here at the King of Kings Church!​


King of Kings Omaha