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Camp Luther’s 2014 Women’s Retreat

The annual Camp Luther’s 2014 Women’s Retreat is approaching! This year will be focusing on the theme, ‘Stepping Out: To a Life on the Edge.’

Sometimes in life we feel stuck. Frozen in place, afraid to make that leap forward. Our feet seem frozen at the edge of the jump, but why? It could be a struggle with a rushed lifestyle. We’re always going, going, going. It could be a worry or a fear that makes you feel like you’re taking one step forward, and two steps back.

God has called upon every single one of us to step out of that comfort zone and take the leap forward. He wants us to live our lives on the edge! This leap forward happens when you let Jesus step in so you can step out.


What’s going on at the retreat?

  • Stepping-Out sessions in God’s Word, led by author Deb Burma
  • FOUR fabulous Camp Luther meals
  • Outdoor activities & personal retreat tme
  • Women’s panel
  • Indoor activities, music & crafts
  • Overnight camp fellowship & fun
  • Sunday morning worship, camp-style!


When is the retreat? 

Begins: Saturday, Nov. 1 at 10:00 a.m.

Ends: Sunday, Nov. 2 at 1:00 p.m.


Make sure to get registered early!

Print Registration Form @ www.campluther.org

or call Camp Luther @ 402.352.5655

Cost: $60

King of Kings Omaha