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Guest Blogger: Gena Lakeman – Can You Speak Up a Little, I Can’t Hear You!

Holiday parties are coming up, and with them come old friends, good food, lots of laughter and a struggle to make out anything anyone is saying. It is called the cocktail party problem, and I, for one, have noticed it creeping its way into my life more and more. The cocktail party problem is an interesting phenomenon where you are standing in the middle of a cocktail party, trying to have a conversation with someone just a couple feet away from you, but you cannot hear but every few words the other person is saying. It is just too noisy to hear the conversation from the person you are directly talking to, standing right next to you.…

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Guest Blogger: Gena Lakeman – Experiencing the Blessing of God’s Rest

Have you ever heard of Blue Laws? Also known as Sunday laws, they are laws in the United States that banning or restricting some or all Sunday activities for religious standards, specifically to observe a day of worship or rest. These laws prohibit the purchase of particular items on Sundays, for example cars, groceries, office supplies, housewares, and liquor. Starting in the 1970’s, these laws started to be relaxed or repealed in most states, but are still enforced in some parts of the United States. One of the last counties in the United States that still ban Sunday shopping entirely is Bergen County, New Jersey.…

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