Guest Blogger: Pat Link – Ice Cream Social

As my husband and I went on a Sunday drive this past weekend, we drove by a church with a sign outside advertising anIce Cream Social Today.  My husband questioned if young people today even know what an ice cream social is.   I chuckled and replied, “They do over on Fort Street!”
The day before our drive, I joined Brittani & Jerome at their house for an ice cream social.  Yes, that is what they invited their neighbors to.   Fifteen children and a few adults showed up and experienced what an Ice Cream Social is all about.  DSC_0285
Prior to leaving my home that day, I had a bit of a dread thinking 90 degree temps and scooping ice cream?  Arriving before 4pm, I drove up to find a table and chairs on their front porch.  Brittani shared that the ice cream was scooped and ready in the freezer.  She and I put out bowls of yummy toppings and soon a few people began to walk up to the porch.
Blessed was my afternoon as I met some neighbors I’ve never met before.  Neighborhood children talked about their summer and how it was going.   Interjected was Brittani or Jerome reminding the children about their manners and the children replying politely.
One of my conversations was with a couple that lived two houses away.  The woman works at the nearby school (which we support through Embrace Teachers).  Each of the children carried respect for her being on the school staff, yet you could see how blessed they were to have her living in their own neighborhood.  
In summary, we enjoyed a breeze on the porch while children enjoyed creating their own sundaes, slurping ice pops, playing in the backyard, learning to play chess and playing basketball.   One of the boys commented to Jerome after it was all over that “this is such a fun day” and asked when they were going to have another one.  Sure hope you can join us at the next ice cream social.
King of Kings Omaha