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Guest Blogger: Gena Lakeman – Be careful what you watch…it may cloud the truth.

Each week we have the pleasure of having King of Kings member Gena Lakeman write a blog to go with our weekend worship message. Interested in being a guest blogger as well? Contact Alyssa at alyssam@kingofkingsomaha.org.

I am not a big TV person. I contribute that to having a two year old. By the time I have time to watch TV, I am too wiped out from chasing after two little feet that move non-stop from morning to night. But, this week, I’m out of town for business, and I don’t have those two little feet with me, so I actually turned the TV on in my hotel room for a couple hours. A new show was on that I had not seen before. It was just on a regular public TV station, in prime-time, so the thinking is that it is a good wholesome show. Sadly, as I watched, I realized it was full of what American society has managed to make glorious and exciting, but what God says quite clearly is a sin – adultery.
In our society today, so many shows we watch, so many books we read, even real life situations exhibit adultery as something exciting and even acceptable. These shows and books show the passionate side of adultery, the part that has no affect on other people. They don’t display the families that get hurt, the relationships that are destroyed, the pain that is caused. They don’t show God’s heart breaking because a covenant with him has been broken. America has managed to take marriage, something so sacred to God our Father, and make the sin that damages and often destroys it idyllic.
God is very clear in his message to us about our marriages. He gave us marriage as a gift, made man and woman a single flesh, and we should remain faithful to this gift. In Exodus 20:14 God commands us not to commit adultery. God tells us in Ephesians 5:33 we are to love and respect one another in our marriages.Jesus Christ is a perfect example to us regarding this. He himself is faithful to us, his bride, never leaving or forsaking us. We, as christians should also imitate this faithfulness and remain pure in our marriages.
It is difficult at times to remember the seriousness of this command when we live surrounded by attitudes of condonment for this behavior, where TV and media continually make it look enticing and without consequence. But always remember, your body is the temple of the holy spirit, and when you sin sexually, you sin against your body, the temple of the holy spirit. Do all you can, brothers and sisters of Christ to be fervently faithful in your marriages. Protect your minds and your hearts against any temptation to sin. Be faithful to God.
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