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Guest blogger: Heather Ruhter- Omaha Gives! for The Core


King of Kings is excited to be launching a new center for meeting personal needs within our community called The Core.  Scheduled to open this fall, the Core will be a place where life comes together.   Volunteers from the church will serve as journey coaches for those looking for growth in some of the core areas of their lives.  These journey coaches listen and discuss the reflective inventory taken by those on their initial visit.  Recommendations then are offered to connect to wide variety of learning experiences.  The settings might be one-on-one meetings, small group gatherings, weekend seminars or Christian counseling.  The topics might be in the core areas of marriage and family, overcoming destructive patterns, spiritual formation or life mentoring.  Jesus said that he offers “life to the full.”  The Core expects to help people discover this life Jesus talks about.  In the process they will make friends and make a difference.

Thank you for your support.  Your generous donation will provide program assistance for those who can’t afford even the minimal fees for courses, seminars or counseling.

King of Kings Omaha