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Guest Blogger: Lara Ray- A Valentine’s Heart For Families

V-dayKing of Kings, in partnership with Abide, visited our neighbors on 25th & Fort streets this past Saturday. They arrived with beautifully decorated Valentine’s Day cookies, prepared with love, by our bakers at King of Kings, along with Valentine’s Day cards made by the Wednesday Night Mission Adventure Team kids and personal invitations to Bridge Church. What a family affair this was!

V day treats

We had an amazing team from King of King’s who took the lead on this, joining with Jerome and Brittani and other families and teens from the Fort Street Neighborhood to deliver the cookies and invite their neighbor’s to church. But this turned into WAY more than cookies, Valentine’s and a simple invitation to church. People were able to pray with others, hear their hearts and offer Jesus. Maurice shoveled walks for two hours, helping those that were unable to do it themselves. Cleaning up abandoned areas to make the neighborhood a little brighter. Jerome and Jon were able to meet new neighbors and start building those relationships that may someday lead to something much greater. 

So thank you ALL for baking, making Valentine’s Day cards, packaging cookies, walking the streets on a frigid Saturday afternoon, shoveling walks and showing the love of Jesus to those who may not yet know Him. Every person’s hand in this partnership is vital. Thank you for saying ‘Yes! I can do that!’ 

King of Kings Omaha