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Guest Blogger: Pastor Roger- Kids Kount Publishing Update


Hi everyone!
Kids Kount is an important mission arm of our church and reflects our King of Kings DNA “to stop at nothing that the world would experience the heart of the King.” Since it is part of all of us, we all should know what is happening as it enters into the next era of its ministry.

Kids Kount Publishing staff is working like crazy now to load the final materials and make the final edits to the website before it moves to “low maintenance mode” Feb. 1. Our curriculum has now become open source, which means it can be downloaded for free. Also available for free are tons of training material and other resources. This is the heart of our mission: to equip families and children’s ministries for high impact discipleship. We can equip more churches by offering our materials for free. We pay for our minimum expenses through donations. A few large donations helped us get to this point.

This means that Julie Bang, manager, and Jim Layman, tech guru and edit master, will retire from many years of faithful service on Feb. 1. Both have been with us since the founding days of 2002. We will staff customer support a few hours every week with Liz Stauffer and Kathy Thaler. Geri Knight will continue to consult churches about Faith Legacy Series.

Interesting tidbits…yesterday morning a gal from UK called because she was so impressed and needed help downloading the handbooks. Last week: Australia and South Korea. We are working on putting up 6 years of material written in Chinese! Our material is the official curriculum of the Church of South India and is being translated into 6 Indian languages. We currently have over 8,000 names on our email list. We offer 10,000 pages of material…free! In the next two months we attend two major children’s ministry conventions to promote our new ministry. Well done everyone in Kids Kount Publishing and in Kids Kount for all that you have done to minister to churches across the nation and globe. And congratulations on the coming of a new era!

-Pastor Roger Theimer

Find out more about Kids Kount Publishing and download their free materials at kidskountpublishing.com.

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