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New Director of Worship – Tyler Rohlfsen

Hello King of Kings!  I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to come on board as your Director of Worship.  Some have asked me if this is my “dream job.”  I doubt I would go that far, but it is quite an honor to step into leadership at my home church.  I am confident that the Lord has positioned each of us in such a way to accomplish the purposes of His heart.  So I am excited for what lies in store at King of Kings!  Regardless of what we’re doing, God loves an attitude in which our hearts cannot help but say, “Whatever You have is best, Lord!”
Since I’ve been around the block a few times as your worship leader, I thought I would offer some interesting tidbits about myself that have little to do with the Sunday-to-Sunday world…
– My freshmen year (2011-2012) at Baylor University was its breakout year in sports – RGIII won the Heisman, Women’s Basketball won the championship, and Men’s Basketball and Baseball came close.  Any coincidence that they would ramp up sports success when I come?  Of course not!
– I am missing four adult teeth in my mouth but have had permanent fake ones since tenth grade.
– I’m mildly allergic to dogs but also have long desired to own one since childhood.  That dream will come true when I marry Aleah in May – she has a two-year-old Maltese Yorkie named Winston.
– I umpired recreational baseball for five years in middle school and high school.  The kids were fun.  Parents, not as much!
– I’m no runner like Dan Weber or Dave Reddel, but I have committed to run a half marathon by the time I graduate college.
– I’m curiously in love with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.
As far as future plans go, I don’t give much thought to it – at this point, I’m just trying to hang on for the week ahead!  But I do have a dream to plant churches at some point in my life.  What that looks like, I have no idea.  But the Lord has us firmly in His grasp, so Aleah and I are content in following Jesus today.
We are blessed to serve such a loving, Jesus-centered church like King of Kings.  I hope you sense the fresh breath God is releasing upon us – He’s doing a good thing, and it’s a crazy fun adventure to join!
– Tyler
King of Kings Omaha