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Guest Blogger: Yanira Garcia- Preschool & Childcare Programs Extending!

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The New Year keeps bringing great news. This spring, Preschool and Mom’s Day Out Childcare has new extended programs. If that isn’t great news, then I don’t know what is.

Starting May 19, Mom’s Day Out Childcare will now be available Monday-Friday from 7:15am to 3pm. But wait it gets better, starting August 25 childcare will be available from 7:15am-5:15pm and will also go year-round. Yes, you read it right it will go year-round! Preschool will also offer a new 5 day program for Pre-K!

Registration forms are available online at kingofkingskids.com and once you’re there please check out the virtual tours also. You’ll see how great our facility is. Regular tours are also available. The staff is always happy to show you around- just be sure to schedule an appointment.

In this program kids don’t only learn beginning basics like language, reading, art, math and science they also learn about the love of Jesus, which is the best part. However, we can’t leave the fun out. Activities like crafts, singing, playing and dancing are also part of the program. It’ll be so fun your kid won’t want to leave at the end of the day.

For more information or questions about our flexible, affordable rates contact the Early Childhood Office at 402.504.9085. 


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