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New Associate Director of Student Edge – Mike White

My name is Mike White and it’s a privilege to be serving at King of Kings. This is my first time to live outside the state of Texas and our third day here we were welcomed with temps of -14! I grew up in a suburb of Houston and our family got involved with a local LCMS church when I was ten. Church seemed like something that I was obligated to do to get God off my back and I don’t ever remember being excited to go. I was baptized, confirmed, and began serving in the church. When I was in high school, we began going on mission trips to Mexico and now I see how God was planting seeds and preparing me for my future career path. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be working in a church! 
Once my dreams of becoming a professional athlete crumbled, I decided to go to the University of Texas and studied Business and Accounting.  My goal was to make as much money as quickly as possible and retire at the old age of 30. In my first couple years of college, my faith came alive. I began to dive into apologetics and study the word of God and this helped me solidify and truly take ownership of the information I had learned growing up. My faith slowly transitioned from a ritual out of obligation to a relationship with Jesus. Towards the end of my degree plan, we were required to do an Internship and I had an opportunity with Ernst & Young. I love numbers and solving problems, but the work was tremendously depressing! I knew this couldn’t be everything in life and began to realize that God had more in store for me.  Around the same time I began leading mission trips with Sr. High students to Mexico. My heart came alive on those trips and I sensed that God was calling me elsewhere. I was dating an amazing girl at the time (Liz—who’s now my amazing wife!!) and we were seeking God with regard to our future. We looked into long-term missions, but eventually sensed that it was more about the ministry with the students on the trip than foreign missions.
So, I finished my degree plan with a Bachelor’s in Business, Master’s in Accounting, and then got my CPA license. I worked in the Accounting/Finance world for six years and all the while Liz and I were leading the Sr. High ministry at our church. I sensed that God was calling me into full-time youth ministry and completed my DCE certification through Concordia Austin. I took my first Call to Point of Grace Church in Pflugerville, TX (suburb of Austin) and served as the Director of Student Ministries and Business Manager. It was an amazing season of growth and truly learning what grace was. My wife is a Pediatric Nurse and has spent time in primary care, teaching at UT, and working in the hospital. We have been married over 10 years and God has blessed us with two incredible children—Noah is 5 and just started Kindergarten and Emily is 2 and attempting to run the world.  We love the Longhorns, Texas BBQ, quality time with family and friends, and traveling!
I love student ministry! They have a unique energy for life, an unmatched transparency to a trusted person, challenge the status quo of the church, and are probably the best missionaries the church has today. They need to be heard, valued, and constantly pointed towards their identity in Christ. I hope to create deep community where kids can be themselves, yet strive towards knowing, loving, and following Jesus.  I love seeing how grace and truth over time can transform a person’s life. I hope to empower them as leaders, help them understand their gifting and passion, and be an instrument with the help of the Spirit to alter their trajectory in life.
We are so excited to be here and are constantly impressed by the staff, leaders, and people that God has put in place at King of Kings. We ask for your prayers for our family and the ministry that God has called us to and trust God will continue to lead our journey!
Be bold,
King of Kings Omaha