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The New Saturday Night Worship Leader – Dan White


Here is a blog written by our new Saturday night worship leader – Dan White.


I just moved back to Omaha last August. Before moving, I was the worship director at Heartland Christian College & Heartland Community Church in Northeast Missouri for 10 years.
While living there, I helped lead worship 5-6 times a week in various services, planned musical outreaches, lead worship concerts, consulted and helped design audio systems for venues around campus, helped upgrade the video department’s audio capabilities for the TV & Online shows, and was the music director/chair for the local Bible College.
But, all of those are just interesting resume facts. The most important thing I did was to develop a worship team that continues to serve that church and lead the people in worship. My goal at the Saturday night service for King of Kings is much the same. I want to continue developing a team that can serve this local church and lead people into moments where they get to experience the dynamic presence of Jesus.


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