ABIDE Lighthouse Update

A message from Brittani & Jerome Tanhueco. The Tanhueco family live in the house that our congregation has renovated over the last three years.
We are excited to share what’s been happening over the past year at our “lighthouse” located on the block of North 25th and Fort St. The beginning of October was the one year anniversary of moving into our home and it sure has been eventful and life changing. Whether it be chatting with neighbors on their porch or on the street, playing basketball in the backyard with neighborhood kids, bringing a meal to a sick family or helping an elderly neighbor with an issue, we are enjoying building lasting relationships that we pray will continue to thrive and prosper.
We recently welcomed baby boy #2 into the world, Seth Gabriel. We are thankful that as our family grows, our children are able to experience serving others. We can see that us serving our neighbors is instilling a servant’s heart into our 3 year old, Christian. He helped pick up leaves and sticks in the neighborhood clean-up, carries cookies and flyers during the distributions, and whenever we bake he always thinks they are for the neighbors and is eager to deliver goodies to them!
Being intentional and relational are keys to reaching out to those who don’t know Christ and we hope that our neighbors will see and know Christ through our lives. I’m humbled and thankful when neighbors consider us great neighbors or call me “that Christian guy”. Its also amazing when a neighbor asks for prayer and we are able to intercede alongside them.
In being intentional in reaching out to our neighbors, every month we have something going on for others to get involved. Throughout the year we lead flyer distributions for various events that Abide Network/ Bridge Church is hosting, we help host cookouts in our backyard, help in neighborhood cleanups, and Christmas carol around the neighborhood around Christmas. Our neighbors enjoy seeing us during the flyer distribution and also love the sweet baked goods that we give out. Huge thanks to all the King of Kings volunteers who prepare, bake, and so beautifully wrap all the sweet treats for our outings!
We are also enjoying building relationships with volunteers from King of Kings. We love serving alongside the volunteers and we want them to see first hand what God is doing in our neighborhood. Its awesome to see families serve together and at the end of an outing hear how much they enjoyed serving. We hope that volunteers not only look to serve and be intentional in our neighborhood but also in their own (neighborhood, workplace, family, etc) so that we can continue to make an impact in peoples’ lives and in this city.
The most recent events that have occurred are:
10/19/13 Neighborhood Grill out- On a brisk, sunny fall day Sue Olson and her King of Kings small group helped serve 70+ people in our backyard. There was great music, great conversation and great food. We hope for more people to come out for future cookouts to serve and also to talk with all our neighbors. Shout out to Sue Olson for being faithful and coming out to the neighborhood numerous times to serve!
11/23/13 Thanksgiving Dinner flyer distribution- We had more King of Kings volunteers help out and were able to cover two more blocks! We braved the cold and handed out flyers and cookies to the neighbors. Everyone had a great time and afterwards we shared what happened over homemade hot chocolate and leftover cookies. Over +1200 people attended the dinner at Skinner Elementary School and it was great to see some of the King of Kings volunteers at the dinner as well.
The next event coming up is Christmas caroling in the neighborhood on Thursday, December 19, 2013. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Pat Link, pat@kingofkingsomaha.org .

King of Kings Omaha