Without Walls

Without Walls Logo B&W for white Background Without Walls is the Wednesday evening gathering for high school students. Without Walls kicked off the year in September with a group of 80 students for a time to study how the Bible practically relates to students and grow in community with other High Schoolers from King of Kings. Over the first month, we have begun to look at what it means to become a community. We’ve heard stories of upperclassmen who had not been actively engaged previously,  find the importance in being in community with other students and a leader that they can comfortably trust and approach. We’ve looked at how we are not only called to be a community in the different segments of our lives, but be a community with a single common unity, that being Christ. With this unity, we are enabled to go into the world in the places God has sent us. We go having one mission and one purpose, to to bring those far from him to know him by simply experiencing life with them. As we begin to bring those around us to see the work of Christ in our lives, we become a group of students who not only go to church, but are the church. If you are a high schooler we’d love to meet you, Without Walls meets every Wednesday evening from 6:45-8. We hope to see you there!

King of Kings Omaha