Pastor Mark’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Information

Dear King of Kings Family,

This is worth celebrating. Twenty years ago this November Pastor Mark was installed as associate pastor of King of Kings. He along with Sharon and their family have impacted thousands of lives with faithful service to the Lord while serving our Church family. Families celebrate big blessings, especially those marked by an anniversary of 20 years.

So let’s celebrate! Sunday, November 10, we will have special features during worship so don’t miss it. Let’s also have a Potluck Brunch. Bring something, a casserole, a coffee cake, breakfast rolls/donuts/pastries, perhaps fruit or juice. We’ll spread it out in the corridor and from 9am-1pm we will enjoy a brunch in honor of Pastor Mark and Sharon.

That Sunday we will have a box for your cards and gifts. I’m sure it will be a day filled with thankfulness and generosity.

But there’s more! Use your smart phone and record a one or two minute message of appreciation. Tell a story or event that you remember in which Pastor Mark really blessed you. Perhaps it was a message he gave, a baptism, a prayer over you, help with a big decision. Make it brief, but fill it with a bit of detail. When you’re finished post it on YouTube and use #CheersPastorMark in the title of your video. After that go here and follow the link to share your videos YouTube link with us. We’ll take it from there. These will be available for all to see on a special YouTube playlist for all of these videos once we curate them all. Questions? Email Danelle at

Sometimes thanking God for our blessings is best done with a party!

-Pastor Roger

King of Kings Omaha