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Guest Bloggers Madeline and Emily Reddel: Confirmation Memories


Today’s blog comes from recent Confirmation students Madeline and Emily Reddel. Thanks so much for sharing a little bit about your experience going through Confirmation at King of Kings!

Madeline Reddel:

“Do not merely listen to the Word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22

“As I entered Confirmation as a 7th grader, I struggled with the fact that I would have to go to church twice a week. I did not fully understand the purpose of Confirmation, which is an important time in your life that you make a promise about your faith before God and a crowd of people. While saying the words “I believe”, you make that special promise that takes only a few seconds to say – but it is a for a lifetime that you live by them. As it says in James 1:22, Do what the Word says, because wants all of your heart. Give it your all, as you have been guaranteed the greatest prize of all. Confirmation was a special day.”


Emily Reddel:

“In my Confirmation experience, I learned a lot of things I would not have ever known. Themain thing is that God has an unconditional love for me and desires that I want to know Him at a personal level. Over the past two years, I have read lots of other books, including the Bible, that have helped me with my walk of faith in Christ. I look at things differently now, in a way that I would have never thought possible. My actions towards others have improved dramatically, as I am not one to hurt others. I think the thing that most excites me about my confirmation is that I know that I am going to Heaven. I think it is the greatest thing in the world that when I die I already know where I am going and it is to a place far greater than this world. Thanks for the best two years ever and I will continue to walk with Jesus Christ!”

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