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Guest Blogger Shelby Nook: Confirmation Retreat


This weeks blog comes from Shelby Nook who recently helped with our Confirmation Retreat! Here is her story!

Last weekend I spent my Friday night with some 7th graders. Most normal high schoolers rather go to a football game or hangout with their friends. Honestly, I’m not normal. I much rather spend my time with followers of Christ than to spend my time with people that will bring me down in my faith. So I got to spend my Friday night with some truly amazing young people.

Before everything stated the 7th graders sat around talking as we waited for everyone to arrive. I had decided I was really going to step out of my comfort zone and talk to the people. Somehow, I actually got up and introduced myself to strangers! Then, they started asking me questions and we all kind of got to know each other.


So the night went on and we played a few games and then we prayed. Instead of praying normally, everyone had a paper stuck to their backs about what they would like people to pray for. It was nice to know that they could willingly and openly pray for their peers. Although, there were some that weren’t comfortable with that, and thats ok too. I was there at one point. I remember it being awkward to pray out loud for strangers. I prayed for a lot of the 7th graders myself. Many of them were hesitant when I asked what I could pray for them. As I placed my hand on their shoulder I think they were kind of shocked. But eventually tons of people were placing hands on each other and openly praying for one another. Once that was over we had to get serious. Adam was telling them all about confirmation and the story of Saul. I was really glad to see some of the kids were actually really engaged with what Adam was saying. I don’t think anyone dozed off, so thats good!

Finally it was time to settle down and go to bed.

In the morning we had to wake up at 7:15. It was so funny, all the girls were like “That means I’m only going to get 7 hours of sleep!” But anyways we all got ready and ate breakfast and then it was time for testimonies.

I was really excited for this, because I have never shared my testimony before. I told them where I started and where I am now and everything in between. After, I wanted to let them know that if they want someone to talk to or have something they want someone to pray for that I am there for them. I really do care and I want to be a role model for them even though I’m just two years older than them. I would like to be there for them. So with that said, I think I definitely learned a lot from that night, and it was such a great experience. Thank you Pastor Brad for letting us help!

King of Kings Omaha