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Faith Legacy in Indonesia update

God has been doing some great things in the country of Indonesia throughout their progress of adopting Faith Legacy. Here’s an update as to what’s been going on:

We already finish adopting Faith Legacy Grade 7 (A Teenage Home Where Everybody Win) where we :
Dubbed the DVD into Bahasa (Indonesia Language)
Translate all material, including handout for participant and facilitator
Made Blessing Object (You talk I listen card).
We tried out this Faith Legacy Grade 7, twice as follows :
(1) On July 2013 in Family Gathering of PESAT (Pastor Hans Genie) and
(2) On June 2013 in Family Gathering of Patmos Community (Dr. Dwidjo Saputro).

In those try out, we also held the Blessing Event. The responses from the participant is very good, as they thought that it will be good material for better communication between parent and teen. They also like the Blessing Object so much.

After try out, there are inputs as follows :
Some participants thought little bit hard to understand the seminar as they watching the DVD, because the participant not familiar with the terminology, occasions and other things that doesn’t exist in our culture and country, for example “A” game, banking terminology that need to be explained more to the participant, the examples that given by Ty Schenzel and other things. Because of that, is it possible that the DVD is used only to train the trainer or speaker of the seminar, so we will make a Real Seminar based on the contain of DVD. In our opinion it is better than the participant only watching DVD, because the Speaker will have more opportunity to explain the participant, so the participant will have better understanding about the seminar.

One of the main idea of the seminar is begin with end in mind: how parent and their children imagine about the graduation day, and how they make a good communication from now until the graduation day so after the graduation day when children leaves their home, they will have a good memories about their parents and there is no regret. In our culture after senior high school, the children will not leaving home, but still together with the family.

Keep up the prayers for God to continue to do work in the most Muslim country in the world!

King of Kings Omaha