Step Out 2013

Step Out 2013 turned out to be a HUGE success. We want to thank nearly 600 volunteers who put in over 20 hours of work at over 20 different sites. We also want to thank nearly 100 people who served on Saturday with Vicar Adam Woldt. As well as the 115 people from our church family who participated with the new Do It Yourself Step Out projects. We are super blessed to have those in our church family who would take time to serve as well as give sacrificially to make Step Out 2013 possible.

Here are a few stories of those who participated in Step Out 2013:

My family and I spent the morning with Adam and Laura in their neighborhood picking up debris and cutting weeds. I used my chainsaw to help remove a large tree that a storm had blown onto a house. Miss Mary seemed very appreciative that she could once more use her back yard. I feel God used Step Out 2013 to further Adam and Laura’s neighborhood ministry tremendously and I pray the seed we helped plant will grow and spread.

– Joel Phillips

Team Barb’s House helped a widow with some things she wouldn’t be able to do. We washed her windows, installed new shades, did yard work, and painted her kitchen and the house’s foundation.

– Steve Roberts

I worked at Church with Embrace Teachers writing Birthday cards to all the staff at the (8) schools we embrace & making back to school bags for the Teachers.  It was a great time & experience.

– Kathy Diesing

The new era encourages us to not only be followers of Christ, but the hands and feet of Jesus. We are so grateful to have the family we have, here at King of Kings. As we sacrificially give of our time and resources, we become a church that strives to make maximum impact on our city and reach those far from God with the love of Christ. Take a look at some of our pictures via Facebook or Flickr.

King of Kings Omaha