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Guest Blogger Dan Whithorn: Peak Challenge

Band of Brothers a ministry birthed from King of Kings recently went on a trip to Leadville, CO for an annual event they host called Peak Challenge. This year 220 men went to Leadville with over 150 first time attenders, many of whom are apart of our King of Kings family. Here’s a look at Board of Lay member Dan Whithorn thought on the experience.

What a blast Peak Challenge 2013 has been.  Started off by getting to drive with my brother John to Leadville, CO, which was cool in itself, to seeing all of my brothers gather in the “Big Tent” for worship.  Some of my highlights were rafting down the Royal Gorge, horseback riding to 12,000′ to a mountain lake, and actually catching some trout !

It was very cool to come together in the evenings and Sunday morning, and get to hear great music and great speakers.  There is no doubt in my mind that this year was the best for both in those areas.  Even tho we didn’t get to do the Sunday Climb up the mountain, I got to witness the Holy Spirit in action during two of the speakers presentations.  Lives have been changed.

Kind of a side note since we didn’t climb on Sunday was getting to know some of the younger people in our Men’s group.  To see their heart and their love for Jesus is hard to put into words, but I sense there is coming a time soon that the Holy Spirit’s Power and Glory will be elevated to a level we haven’t seen before from our younger generation of men.  God’s timing is perfect.

Lastly, thanks especially to Dave Reddel, Pastor Burt, worship leaders/speakers and all the teams of men that gave of themselves to make this 2013 PC a great time for all of us.

King of Kings Omaha