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Pastor Dan & the Nebraska District Jr. High Youth Gathering


God calls people to do things and that calling for Pastor Dan has been to speak. In July he got the opportunity to speak at the National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, Texas (you can check out his blog about the event here) for thousands of people. While there, he was working with a lady who is in charge of the Nebraska Junior High Youth Gathering, and was looking for someone to speak and so she said, “Dan, you can do it!” So now he will be speaking again, but on a much smaller scale, at the Nebraska District Jr. High Youth Gathering that will take place in Aurora, Nebraska on November 9th & 10th.

The theme for the two days is kNOw, in which Dan will be speaking on three different topics in a kind of play on words with the theme: being KNOWn by God, No, and Now. These talks will address not only issues middle-schoolers may face such as the feeling that no one cares or notices, but also that God is our only salvation and that we are known by God and to be who we’ve been called to be in Jesus. The weekend will include breakout sessions, Bible studies, games and other fun events for around 100-200 junior highers.

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