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Guest Blogger Krystal Phillips: Fascinate Conference

Fascinate was awesome! It was so much more personal and intimate than any other conference I have been on. There were only a couple hundred people there, so you recognized a lot of people by the end of the conference, which was awesome! All of their messages spoke to me in a different way, and in each break-out, they had time for prayer and for people to be prayed over. One time, it was focused on healing. I personally prayed for a girl with scoliosis, and watched her get healed before my very eyes!! And I saw at least a dozen testimonies of other people saying how they were healed and there were many, many more. You could really feel the presence of God every time you entered the building. It was great to be able to spend a weekend with some fantastic people and be able to grow so much closer to God while doing so!

King of Kings Omaha