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Guest Blogger Mary Frerichs: Confirmation Retreat


Last week a group of incoming freshman went on the confirmation retreat. Here is one of the many stories of God at work in the lives of our students at King of Kings.

Last Sunday through Tuesday the confirmation group went to Camp Luther for a retreat. Right from the beginning you could kind of tell there were cliques and not everyone was happy to be there, while others were so pumped to learn more about God and just grow more in love with Him! Sunday evening we arrived at Camp Luther and got into small groups and talked about how we wanted this retreat to change something in our walk with Christ. For me, I was wanting to become more confident in my love for Jesus! After our small groups we played capture the flag which was fun to get to know everyone a little better. But my favorite part was after our game we walked to the chapel around 10:45 that night. Aleah and Tyler were leading worship. You could tell some people were just so out of place and didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t really care, but then maybe thirty minutes into it we started to pray with others around us. This was amazing, you could feel the Holy Spirit and hearts being moved and we started to come together. For myself I felt a little piece of me start to fall more in love with Christ! Sunday night was an awesome experience and really helped set some fires in people’s hearts! Monday morning we all met in the main building for devotional. Our Monday morning Meditation was over John 3:30 (“He must become greater, I must become less”) and this verse stuck out to me because it said He MUST become greater, as in there is no other way! Later on we were split into 2 groups and had lessons. My first lesson was with Pastor Brad, Anna, and Aleah. During the session we drew what we thought Jesus would look like, and after sharing our pictures we read about what he actually looks like which was really neat to hear about! Then we meditated over Philippians 2:5-11 and this passage to me said that Jesus came down to earth for one reason and that was to die for us. And he knew what he was doing yet he came down as a human and was humiliated, but he was still so humbled! When we were done meditating we talked about Jesus as King, Judge, and Bridegroom. And I think this helped us understand Jesus more and who he is! Later on, we switched groups and my group went with Adam and Tyler to the chapel. But in order to get to the chapel we had to be blind folded! It was scary and hard, but at least we had their voices to lead us! When we got to the chapel we took our blind folds off and discussed the exercise. This session was all about Counting the Cost, which means that grace is given freely but will cost us everything! In order to follow Christ it might mean giving things up to gain something greater! The points we talked about giving up could be fears, comfort, possessions, our future, relationships, and time. For me I think one of the more scarier points were about our future, because I love to have everything in order and know what is coming next, but I learned that you can’t always be scared for what comes next instead you have to trust in God and he will lead! After this we had to wash other peoples feet and I personally wasn’t too fond of this but I think it was good for me and others to serve and step out of our comfort zones. This is my favorite part of the whole retreat! Monday evening we went to a tunnel for prayer and some worship. In the beginning it was a little uncomfortable to be in such a tight place and us kids were all praying to ourselves and not knowing what was really going on but about 25 minutes in the Holy Spirit was so present and on fire! People were singing and praying aloud at the top of their lungs! It was so amazing! I usually am not one to pray aloud let alone for others, but this night changed everything! God had spoken to me and others in such vibrant ways it was absolutely life changing! The hearts of many were being moved so much and it was awesome to feel us all come together! I really believe that this retreat helped some just fall so in love with Jesus, and others who may have a wall up in their relationship with God was just shattered! People were crying and others were singing, love was so present and alive in that tunnel! I truly believe this was the changing moment for some in their relationship with Christ! Tuesday morning I went to a prayer session at 4:30 and this really helped me realize what I need to do in order to get to the next step in my walk with Christ. And that is to be more in the Word and take my prayer walk more seriously! That morning after breakfast we had another devotional over Isaiah 43:1-7, to me this passage said that we don’t need to be scared about what is coming because God has our back through it all! Also to not be afraid of going all in and we don’t need to hold back because of our fears! Then at noon it was time to pack up and go back home. This retreat was awesome and I don’t think any of us will forget it! I definitely think this retreat has brought our confirmation group closer and has changed the hearts of many.

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