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Guest Blogger Pat Link: STEP OUT & SERVE 2013!

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It’s that time of year again when we STEP OUT into the city of Omaha and SERVE those of our community. On Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th, we will be providing some new, organic experiences, as well as the traditional STEP OUT AND SERVE PROJECTS that we have done in the past. As we are looking to the future of King of Kings, and encouraging you to be missional in your daily lives, we would love to see DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) projects popping up all over town, allowing people in your neighborhood, with similar interests to join you. Let us know about those projects too!

So that you and your families, growth groups, neighbors, and friends can start making plans for what you will be doing on STEP OUT weekend this year, here are some details to get you rolling….

STEP OUT is on Saturday, August 24th. This will take place in Vicar Adam & Laura’s neighborhood. For those attending Step Out Saturday, we ask you to not wear your Step Out shirts. We want our presence in the neighborhood to feel organic and personal. We will be carpooling to the neighborhood and eating prior to or bringing our own meals to the clean up. It will be relational and limited in the number of people who will be able to attend. Sign up for Saturday Serve projects here!

· Step Out is on Sunday, August 25th
· Sunday worship services, classes and Kid’s Kount will be held at their usual times
· Buses will leave for King of Kings sponsored projects at 10:45am and 12:20 pm. Pick which time you would like to leave for your project.
· Serve with your growth group, family or friends!!
· Buy a lunch and water from Jason’s Deli through King of Kings for $7.00 or bring your own lunch
· Buy a blue Step Out t-shirt for $7.00 or wear any color from past years
· Children’s sizes available in blue Step Out t-shirts (Small-Large), as well as adult sizes (Small-3XLarge).
· Online registration begins July 14th and ends on August 11th. You can register and pay online here. Please register online for King of Kings sponsored projects as well as DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.
· We will be in the corridor for registrations, lunch and t-shirt sales on Sunday, July 28th and Sunday, August 4th

· Arrange your own DIY (do it yourself) project and promote it on THE TABLE for others at King of Kings to join you. Check out THE TABLE for directions on how to post your project.
· Questions regarding the day, contact Brenda Denne at Brenda@kingofkingsomaha.org or 402.504.9036.

We hope this information is helpful as you begin your STEP OUT planning. Look for additional emails, updates on THE TABLE, Facebook and King of Kings website, as well as at weekend worship services, in the weeks to come.

From Your Friends in the STEP OUT Office!

King of Kings Omaha