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Guest Blogger Peter Baye: Then God Called me to King of Kings…


Today’s guest blogger is new King of Kings staffer Peter Baye! We are so blessed to have you as our new Director of Kids Kount! Welcome!

As I read some of the introductory blogs from other new members and interns here at King of Kings, I am a little intimidated.  We have some very smart new folks in our midst… and then there’s me.

To be honest, I’ve never really felt like the sharpest tool in the shed.  I’m going to paint a bleak picture here, but don’t feel too bad for me.  I had a wonderful upbringing with sweet family and friends, and God has blessed me in so many ways, but I know that a few of you will be able to connect with my story of adversity. And trust me, there’s a happy ending to this blog.

I grew up in Green Bay, WI sandwiched between two genius siblings. My older brother Matthew is one of the smartest people I know.  In college, my friends and I would play a game where we would come up with insanely tough questions, call my brother on speaker phone, and go into hysterics when he would be able to answer each question with no google help.

My younger sister Annie was the valedictorian (thank you spell check for that word) just like my older brother, and was pretty much predestined for the medical field.

And then there was me… the kid who was known more for antics than answers.  I think I spent more days grounded than free.  I truly thought I was the “stupid stuffing” in between the “omniscient sibling oreo sandwich.” (I was trying to find success in myself.)

I did graduate from high school, and went to Concordia University in Seward to study Music education, knowing nothing about music theory.  That did not help to turn the tide on my competence confidence.  I was used to not being the most brilliant, but being on the absolute bottom of the smart chart was tough.  (Looking for success in myself again)

It was hard work, but I passed my way through my music theory classes and even got an A- in Music theory 6.  There were other educational blunders, but I graduated and hoodwinked my way into a job at Concordia Jr/Sr High School here in Omaha.

I was super blessed to be a part of the mission and vision at Concordia.  I worked with fantastic educators and students.  I helped turn a small choir program with 40 members from the different groups into a well-oiled machine of 120 kids.  In just four years of teaching, I felt like I was finally becoming a smartie. (thinking I found success in myself… starting to see the picture?)

Then God called me to King of Kings.  I knew that in starting a new adventure I would have to once again forfeit the notion that I knew what was going on. I’d have to start at the beginning and re-devote my faith and trust in God’s power.

To be honest, I never saw this Call coming.  Leaving the everyday relationships with staff and students at Concordia was incredibly hard, and I’ll miss that vocation very much.

And now, here I am… back at that place I’ve experienced many times before.  I’ve got a lot to learn, and I’ll be learning til the day I die, but I’m not worried.  I’ve witnessed my awesome God lead me through this scene before, and I take joy in the struggle because of the future given to me through Christ.

In Romans 11:36 it says, “For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things.” When we search for success and meaning in ourselves, we can never find it.  It is God that supplies, and He is good.  Every good gift comes from Him.  He equips us and promises to be with us.

I’m pumped to be a part of King of Kings and I encourage you all to get involved with our Kids Kount programs and the kids all around you.  Show them Christ. You don’t have to do it perfectly or have it all figured out.  You just have to be willing.  God leads us to and through unexpected places. It is always and only through Him that we live, love, and succeed.

My wife Charista and I cannot wait to join you in this adventure.  Lets lead kids to Christ, and lets have fun along the way.

This past Sunday peter was installed in Kids Church by our Executive Pastor Roger Theimer and the children. It was a powerful installation that welcomed Peter well!

King of Kings Omaha