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Guest Blogger Brenda Neyens: Formational Prayer

Today’s guest blog comes from King of Kings staffer and counselor Brenda Neyens, LPC! She is going to tell you more about our Formational Prayer Ministry! Thanks Brenda!!

It is hard to believe it has been 8 years since we first introduced the Formational Prayer Model at King of Kings Church! With our informational meetings, July 17th and August 14th, coming up I wanted to give you a snapshot into this ministry via some of the testimonials pouring in:

“I did not think I had any wounds; however, in the Formational Prayer Group I learned that I did indeed have events in my life that complicated my view of God and self. Wounds don’t have to be “big events”, but rather they are instances that the voices of others or situations seemed louder than the Voice of Truth. For example, prior to Formational Prayer, I would avoid speaking up at meetings as I would hear over and over in my head the voices of my childhood saying “you are stupid, you need to be quiet”. Sometimes you don’t know you are still caught in chains until you experience deeper freedom afforded in Christ.”

“If you are looking for a quick fix to the problems in your life that is not what happens in Formational Prayer. Thank goodness. Formational Prayer is God’s way of slowing us down to have a relationship with Him. A byproduct is having some of the wounds heal in your life, but having a closer relationship with God is the best thing that will happen .Each person will experience something different in the class. I know, I have. I am thankful to have been in three formational prayers classes, and God has worked on different issues in each class. The Lord showed me in the first class that He loved me. I had mind knowledge of God’s love for me, but truly lacked heart knowledge of God’s love. For 12 weeks God helped me to understand, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, how much He loves me. I also had to deal with some wounds to be able to understand God loved me. By the third class of formational prayer, God could then show me that rejection and shame were big areas in my life that we need to work through. That was not something I could have dealt with on day one of Formational Prayer. Formational prayer is a life long journey. It has been a blessing for me to know God in a more personal way, and it has helped me to deal with my problems differently in life. I am also able to look at people through different eyes, and I work hard not to run in to fix people’s problems but to point them to Jesus. I recommend taking the class, and enjoy learning to slow down to be with God. Your life will change in a fantastic way.”

“My childhood was filled with reinforced messages that I was on my own to figure out life. I learned to be independent and not count on others in this perceived uncertain world. Coupled with a go getter personality, I quickly chose a path of accolades and performance. I would achieve goal after goal; while being keenly aware, even at the time, how empty I felt inside. Not that others would necessarily notice, but I had an internal angst that kept me doing all the time; I suppose the angst was easily missed in the accomplishments. Yet at some point the fuel tanks run dry, and striving is revealed for the illegitimate posture it is in our walk with Our Lord. In Formational Prayer, I experienced via the experientials (Faithful or Sanctified imagination exercises) the Truth and acceptance I had in Christ. I did not have to earn His love or acceptance. I learned to lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance. Furthermore, I have learned to accept help from others! Receiving help was foreign to me, and now it is anticipated and welcomed. I now know how to seek the Lord’s guidance and don’t settle for good things or the next “logical” thing and miss His “better things”. The “better things” of silence and solitude and other spiritual disciplines, which had been elusive for me. Secondly, I can say no to ideas or projects without a fear of rejection.”

Please join us for the informational meetings and hear additional testimonies and how you may sign up for a Fall Formational Prayer Class.

King of Kings Omaha