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Guest Blogger Shelby Nook: St. Louis Mission Trip Update

Today’s guest blog comes from teen Shelby Nook who attended a mission trip in St. Louis this week with a team from King of Kings. Thanks so much for sharing Shelby!

Well, this last week I’ve been in St. Louis for a GROUP mission trip. I have met so many people that I hope will be lifelong friends, and Ive grown so much in my faith. I feel like I really am a child of God and can confidently say that. Before this trip I was very insecure about myself and didn’t really know where I fit in or where I was supposed to go.

This weeks theme is  “What do you stand for?”. That really gets me thinking. Of course I stand for God, but what does that mean? With that said, we also got asked “What are you afraid of?” and “Why are you afraid?”. The first thing that comes to mind is spiders. Spiders aren’t that big of a deal though, its just a tiny little insect. I then got to thinking about  my faith. We were given a band-aid and were told to take it off and put it on the cross when we felt like God would help us though our fear.I t took a while for God to tell me what I am really afraid of in my faith. I prayed and prayed and finally got an answer. Failure. My fear is failing and disappointing God. I feel like I disappoint a lot of people in my life. It seems like I do that to everyone somehow. I don’t want to fail God. I’ve quit everything but music in my life that I have started. My faith is really important to me, and I dont want to get distracted from it. Adam Woldt talked and prayed over me for a while. He knows how to encourage people really well. My friends definitely have helped me through getting over my fear and all this week. I am very thankful.

Throughout this entire week we have been working at the Southwest Church of Nazerene.  Our major project was scraping, priming, and painting a fence. It was so tiring. God got us all through it and let us come out even stronger. Nick Ream and Paul Erickson are now my new friends because of how much time we spent together on the fence. Six hours a day for four days means you have to talk. There are now so many inside jokes and now a strong bond between us all, because our faith has grown together.


While at our worksite we met some wonderful people that are such an inspiration. One of the Pastors at the church was Pastor Becky. She is such a caring and selfless person. She strives to make people smile and make their lives better. Then Pastor Becky’s grandchildren, Graysha and Brooklyn. They are the cutest and sweetest seven and five year olds I have ever met! Seeing them play around, make me realize how fast life goes by. You really should cherish everyday in the moment. I get that a lot and dont think anything of it, but now I realize the great meaning of it.


Thats only some of what happened. I could have gone on forever, this has been a great trip. I am so grateful.

King of Kings Omaha