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Guest Blogger Diana Stiner: Don’t write your dreams off, it’s never too late.

Genesis 21:5  Abraham was a hundred years old when his son Isaac was born to him.
A few weeks ago, Frank and I went to our first martial arts class.  Not knowing what to expect, I went to the class with some trepidation. As a contextual person, this was completely off my contextual map.   In spite of all my reservations, I went, a 62 year old, nervous as could be, to my first martial arts class.  So far, this entire year, I have been feeling like it is too late for me to achieve my dreams, to have new adventures, to accomplish what I have dreamed that I would accomplish.  But everywhere I turned I heard that it is never too late.  Never too late to start.  As I read The Story, I came to Sara who had a baby when it should have been way too late for her to have a baby and Abraham fathers that baby at what?  One hundred years old?  Oh yes, way too late!  Moses, at 80 years old, goes to Pharaoh and says  “Let my people go!”   Again it seems that it would be way too late!  But was it too late?  Of course not! As Moses proves as he goes on another 40 years walking around the wilderness leading the nation of Israel.
Now back to the martial arts class.   After an hour and a half of attempting (the operative word here is attempting) power punches, back kicks and twirling kicks, I was so tired that there was no way I could get my knee up to try even one more kick.  So I went straight home, took some ibuprofen, took a hot shower and ate a bowl of ice cream (because I deserved it). But I loved the class and I will most certainly be back.  So what has this meant for me as I read these stories again?  It is never too late to take the path that Abba, Daddy is calling me to.  So, as Abraham, Sara, and Moses would tell you, it’s never too late. So whether you are 62, 42 or 22, don’t write your dreams off.  In God’s economy, it is never too late to try something new and pursue the dreams that He has instilled in your heart.  As Jesus says in Matthew 19:26… with God all things are possible.
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